Facing Foreclosure?


You have options.                                              
We can help. 

Facing foreclosure is hard. I know. Many of my best clients have been in the same boat. As I told them, I want you to know: It will be all right.


Looking back my clients remember the worry, the stress, the difficulties they and their families faced – especially the trauma they saw in their kid’s faces. Some saw their loans suddenly spike. Others fell behind in their payments due to some hardship. Still others had received a foreclosure notice from the bank. All our clients shared the same challenge: Time was not on their side.


Don’t Let Time Run Out
That’s where I come in.
 As distressed property and short sale specialists I am a expert in homeowners’ options and all the stages of foreclosure. That’s our business. Helping families avoid foreclosure helps everybody: you, your family and your community. The secret to avoiding foreclosure is simple. Get started now. The sooner we help you understand your options, the better. The sooner we begin work with your particular situation, the better. The worst mistake is letting time run out.

What is a “Short Sale”?
short sale (also known as a “short pay-off” or “pre-foreclosure workout”).
1. In real estate an agreement with your lender to accept less from your home sale than the amount you owe on the loan. In a lender-approved short sale, your lender releases you from the mortgage, thereby preventing foreclosure.


Distressed Property and Short Sale Experts 
As local experts in every aspect of real estate distress sales and foreclosures, we know the inside secrets. 
Our expertise helps you understand you have options – and turn your options into a fresh start. Our clients take comfort to know we are on their side…and they enjoy peace of mind knowing everything possible is being done together.


Why Give Away Information Free?
I know the value of trust.
 We want you to know our goal is to serve you, educate you and assist you in handling all the complexities of your situation in today’s real estate market. I offer you free information so you will see us keep our promises. And, I inform you so that you contact me when you are ready for the next step. I provide you vital information about your transaction with the hope you will use my services when you are ready. That’s why being a short sale specialist is so rewarding. Simply put, my best home sellers are always my MOST educated clients.


Get started now…and let me show you all your options to avoid foreclosure.

We’ve shared much of our special expertise here on our web site.
 You’re invited to read and learn. When you have a question – or when you are ready for a Know Your Options consultation – I am standing by. I know from experience, the more knowledge I share with you, the easier it is for all of us to get the job done quickly – and get it done right. 


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